Lo Bello Fosfovit a century long Italian tradizion - Fosfovit

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A century-old Italian tradition in baby food and infant biscuits

Alimenti per bambini dai piccoli ai grandi golosi - Fosfovit

We are an Italian company focused on baby food and high- value infant nutrition.

For generations we have been taking care of children and their healthy and correct nutrition with our dietetic and free-from baby food.

Many children have grown up with Fosfovit weaning biscuits and baby food: adults and parents then, they have chosen, and continue to choose, our baby foods for their children.

Proud of this heritage and our artisan tradition, with the Fosfovit long experience, built and consolidated over time with continuous innovation in infant nutrition, we always encourage and promote a balanced, proper and genuine children’s nutrition from their earliest age.

Lo Bello Fosfovit a century long Italian tradizion - Fosfovit


High-value infant nutrition

In a market full of big companies, we choose to be authentic and genuine,
so that you can always trust us and entrust your children's well-being to us.

We have followed the path of innovation and research without ever forgetting where we came from: an ancient Italian artisanal tradition and an important know-how in high-value infant nutrition acquired over the years. 

Just as every parent wants and seeks the best for their own children, we also put all our efforts into their healthy growth. Starting from safe food, raw materials of certified quality, nutritional value of the products intended for their diet, we work to protect their health and promote their well-being.

Our biscuits were among the first dietary products to be authorized in Italy. They also obtain the authorization of the High Commission for Hygiene and Health.

They are palm oil free, because when no one was talking about it yet, we eliminated it from our organic baby food, which is also low in sugar.

We believe it’s right to get children used to good eating habits and a healthy lifestyle from the very beginning, which is a fundamental premise for their psycho-physical well-being in the present and also in the future.

Lo Bello Fosfovit baby food and weaning biscuits - Fosfovit

Baby food and weaning biscuits

Light and tasty, crumbly but highly soluble, Lo Bello Fosfovit weaning biscuits are available in the classic format, so your baby can hold the biscuit in his hand and start chewing, or granulated, to dissolve directly in the feeding bottle.

Our weaning biscuits help little children to grow: they are rich in the nutrients they need for proper nutrition, such as vitamins and minerals. They are easily digestible, with no milk or eggs, gluten-free and a lower sugar content than the average biscuit available on the market today.

Lo Bello Fosfovit biscuits are dietetic, organic and, as free-from products, suitable also for those with food intolerances.

Alimenti per l'infanzia con vitamine - Fosfovit

Rich in vitamins

Alimenti per l'infanzia con minerali - Fosfovit

Rich in minerals

Alimenti per l'infanzia con ridotto apporto di zucchero - Fosfovit

Low in sugar

Alimenti per l'infanzia biologici - Fosfovit


Alimenti per l'infanzia senza glutine - Fosfovit


Alimenti per l'infanzia senza latte e uova - Fosfovit

Milk and egg free

Alimenti per l'infanzia senza soia - Fosfovit


Alimenti per l'infanzia senza olio di palma - Fosfovit

Palm oil-free